Just cancelled my French class this morning as we have an urgent rehearsal before an event this afternoon. That’s three lessons in a row this week, which confirms my suspicions it won’t be possible to study an intensive course and do my kind of work at the same time. And this is just to meet my third language requirement so I can graduate next year!
Come Fall, we will be fully submerged in a heavy-duty MBA syllabus, squeezing what US schools take nearly 2 years to teach, into 10 months. Some classmates may still be learning their third language during this time, which will be tougher on them. This is why we have all been advised to clear our third language requirements before starting school.
I really hope to take and pass my French exam before starting school, but at the rate I am going, it is not heartening. I have to carve out some real personal time to catch up with the rest of my language classmates now. Hopefully this week’s series of urgent events will be one-off and I won’t be required to cancel my leave again.