Personality type = job type?

It’s nearly 2am in Geneva and I spent my night searching and applying for jobs. Then I decided to revisit my Meyers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) to confirm I’m searching for the right line of work. Ever since INSEAD, where everyone had to take the test, I’ve been curious to use the MBTI to improve relationships and clarify our purpose in life.
According to [this site](, as an ENFJ I can be any of the following:
– Fund-raiser (haven’t done that yet – unless I really run out of money or want to launch my long-awaited album. Does selling tickets for the ACJC Fun-o-rama count??)
– Recruiter (yes, I’ve managed to convince people to join my team)
– Marketing Director (that’s one of the roles I aspire towards)
– Content Editor for Web Site (done that)
– Special Event Planner (haven’t dared to try that)
– Christian Ministry (done that – mainly through worship, website outreach, facilitating groups)
So it sounds fairly close.
Then I learn from some [discussions]( that Jesus could’ve been an ENFJ too. Whoa! How would they know for sure? As a Christian, I believe Jesus is God, and as God is omnipotent and omniscient and created the people who thought of the MBTI, Jesus should be everything rolled into one. An extrovert as he preached to the masses and met many people; an Introvert at the Mount of Olives as he sought quiet time with God. Sensing and yet Intuitive of His surroundings. Feeling for people yet clear in His thoughts as He debated with unbelievers. Perceiving, yet ultimately… Judging!
But of course it is nice to know that God in human form is thought to have my personality type… I have, of course, far to go and will never be perfect, but God, help me get closer to it. Also help me find the right job where I can make a difference (with career progression)!