Oh happy day

What a day it will be (I hope).
I’m getting a lift to work in the morning (cheers to Alison!), and after our half day at the office, an appointment at the Kenko Wellness spa across the road for a good, de-stressing, de-toxifying massage. Mm.
I promised to treat myself to a massage when the Audi site was complete, but then came the VW Phaeton site, and another model will soon be launched on the vwasia.com website (shh). I have Flash MX oozing out of my ears. Every time I do something big, it _has_ to be in Flash.
Why is everyone still awed by it? Well, maybe if you’re up there with the big boys like gmunk, volumeone, yugop and Praystation, I’ll hold my tongue because that kind of design gives us a whole new paradigm to play in. Or maybe if you did one of those swanky hotel booking websites which Macromedia loves to showcase, or if you conceptualised the New York Stock Exchange website, then I applaud you.
But if you only use Actionscript for buttons and can’t get by without free Flashkit downloads, then you’re just like the rest of us. Flash, schmlash. Pull out a typical web ‘designer’ in Singapore today, and see if he can write a simple page in HTML. Ha.
What about usability? What about blind users who use text-to-speech software, and can’t read what your images are saying? And what about preparing your web pages for the next big leap – to XML? To think people still use font tags alongside their stylesheets. All we care about is how it looks on the outside. Selfish bastards, we all are.
Rant rant rant. Time to sleep.


  1. vantan

    Sometimes that’s all I’d like to do. Nobody appreciates well-formed code anymore.
    I’ve got two ongoing Flash projects now, and one is to be done from scratch with Coldfusion MX integration. My poor little eyeballs.
    [ I’m sure it’ll be fun … but … ]

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