We touched down at Changi Airport an hour ago. Over the weekend we drove about 500km – from Brisbane Airport to Byron Bay to fetch my sister, then to our hotel in the Gold Coast. We drove around and did some shopping. We bought a lot of dresses. Yes, friends, I actually have new dresses. AlI I need are nice occasions to wear them to.
The weather was generally good but it rained for most of Sunday. Which was a shame because it was my sister’s birthday. We had dinner at a seafood restaurant which served bad oysters. It’s the first time I’ve ever had bad oysters in Australia.
Fortunately Monday was much better and we had lunch at the multiple award-winning Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant at Marina Mirage, followed by tea next door at the very opulent Palazzo Versace hotel, where almost everything, from the furniture to the crockery, carries the Versace label. (I went to the ladies but they didn’t have any Versace toilet bowls).
The hotel’s clientele also appeared rather exclusive – there were good-looking couples wearing designer sunglasses, sitting by the poolside. This vestige of quiet exclusivity, however, was shattered by the sudden arrival of a busload of Chinese tourists, pulling in their luggage.
At Pacific Fair, I bought a pair of Nike+ running shoes and the Nike+ Sport Kit. I was told that the kit and shoes are only sold in Australia and Japan, and not in other parts of Asia. That is so annoying. What if there are a bunch of health freaks who love iPods and Nike shoes in Singapore? In any case, I need to get myself a Nano now. Oh, what a chore πŸ˜›
Harbour Town is worth visiting. It’s a factory outlet with lots of good labels.
The only really weird thing that happened to me was that somehow I managed to tear off part of my fingernail yesterday. I have no idea what I could have been doing, nor did I feel any pain at any point in time. Anyway, it was bleeding under the loose flap of my fingernail so I swaddled it with antiseptic and yeah, I’m now blogging this with a plaster on my finger. Hardcore!
OK, time to catch some shuteye before I head off to work in the afternoon (yeah, you can say it again – “hardcore!”).


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