Concert pics!

The concert went well. Frankly the reverb was so great in the hall, I could barely hear myself on the piano, so it was just ‘hit and go’.
pic 1
Me at the piano, playing Blue Rondo and So What.
pic 2
I’ve walked to the other end of the stage, switching to a keyboard, playing my own song, Restless in Rio.
pic 3
The whole band – Me, Amos on drums, Ben on bass, and Marcus on synths.
Thanks to those who turned up to give support! And an even bigger thanks to my Maker, to whom I dedicated this performance.
[Might I add that, the night before the concert, I was too fidgety to sleep until 3+am. I decided to do a little Bible bedtime reading. Holding my copy of the NKJV, I called out, “Lord, let me flip to a chapter about music.” I expected to get something from Psalms because that was all I knew. Little did I expect to flip to 1 Chronicles 25! The title in my bible said, “The Musicians”. Verse 8 refers to students and teachers being selected ‘the small and the great’, by lot, to perform. Which is very close to the situation in my music school, where both groups performed together. We had young children up to senior citizens up there! What a pleasant surprise to put my mind at rest, because the big guy’s watching and he’s a pretty good sport! ]


  1. David

    It’s awesome that you were able to play just one day after hurting your wrist!
    Just wondering… What’s the model of the Roland you were playing. Is it any good?
    I’m thinking of getting a Yamaha SY99. I know it has almost reached antique status(made circa 1991), but I think i’m getting a good price for it.
    If you’ve played on it, how does it compare to the newer keyboards (e.g. the roland you were playing on, Roland RS-50, etc. )?
    Note: I haven’t had much exposure to synths up to now, due to my love for the piano. That’s why I’m looking for advice from people more knowledgeable than me. 🙂

  2. vantan

    I believe I played on the RS9. Nothing spectacular – OK sounds, easy to use, no weighted keys. Don’t know much about Roland or Yamaha because I much prefer the sound of KORGs. I own two of them.

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