A day before the concert

I slipped and sprained my wrist this morning. A day before the concert. I ignored the slight pain in my joint until late afternoon, when I decided to get a wrist guard and ointment.
However I didn’t want my band members to get more worried than they needed to be. My bassist (who happens to be the manager of the school) was fretting (ha ha bad pun) about a speech he had to make tomorrow, so was a little off-rhythm last night. And there I was, telling everyone not to worry, and I went and injured myself.
My fears proved unfounded, however, as everyone else in my band is male, and therefore did not notice anything amiss during our 3-hour rehearsal. The confidence level is now fairly high, and I stressed that whatever mistakes happen, just KEEP ON PLAYING. The audience won’t know you’ve screwed up, unless you totally stop.
I got to hear several other acts tonight. I particularly admired Sean, a visually disabled boy who plays wonderful, flowing music on the piano. The lead guitarist for youth band, Frequency, is very good – on time and passionately, screechingly loud when he’s required to be. Didn’t spot any outstanding bassists as they all need to keep time, and sound more ‘punchy’. I’d like to think my drummer’s one of the best. The other bands’ vocalists range from slightly off-key to good. As for other keyboardists, well I’m too biased to comment on that! We’re all amateurs and students anyway.
In a previous rehearsal, I also heard an Indian rapper who writes and produces his music on a Triton Lite, and he sounds so good you’d think he was one of the rappers you hear on the radio or on MTV. The unusual part is that he mixes ethnic sounds into some of his music.
Other notes: It is impolite to make lots of noise and test out your equipment, when other people are performing a couple metres away from you, and everyone’s supposed to be listening. Didn’t happen to me, but to the visually disabled boy and a few other people. Them youngsters should show other people more respekt!


  1. tiggie

    hope the wrist gets better… good luck with the performance! and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! =C)

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