Three demos

This is to officially announce that I am working the re-production of three demo songs. (Announcing things like this will hopefully put me under greater pressure to keep to my schedule).
A few of you might remember two of these tracks. It’s been years and my style has changed drastically, but do the math: typically jazz or electronica will not sell as well as a mainstream pop/rock song – even if I myself don’t like most of the stuff I hear on the radio.
As a compromise, two demo songs will be R&B and the last, latin jazz. Lyrics need revamping; everything will be re-produced with new Triton sounds, hopefully with the aid of the G5 and some decent software.
I do not intend to promote myself as an artiste but as a songwriter. I already have an A&R agency in the States who can help me, but only if they feel my music is good enough – and that’s a very reasonable requirement.
On top of that, one of my latest jazz compositions might (I emphasise the ‘might’) be recorded by a professional band for an album, which will be played in an international hotel chain. This was totally unexpected, because it really wasn’t my best work, though it was decent, and I hardly practised before the performance, so I didn’t expect anyone to get excited about it.
Don’t tell me the standards in the international market are going to be pretty high. Of course I know that. I’ve heard that so many times that I might as well not get out of bed, or tie my shoelace, or breathe. I bet that’s what the Beatles were told by the first few recording companies who refused to sign them on. And I bet only the people who didn’t give up, despite all the spit they got in their faces, were the ones who succeeded.
And that’s what’s been keeping me busy. Freelance web design work, computer classes, and my music.


  1. Maria

    Vanessa. That. Is. Awesome.
    So will you share any of your creations with your audience? Will you let us know how it all goes? And will you still remember us when you become a music sensation and prepubescent girls will be throwing their bras and panties at you?

  2. Jia

    Hey, that sounds really wonderful! I thought your tunes were great, and are definitely better than a lot of the poo that is being played on radio now. Good luck with the composing, I look forward to picking up an album with your name on it! 🙂

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