Vanessa sings Girl From Ipanema

Finally, after several years of cajoling from friends, I have some music to show.

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This is a recording of The Girl From Ipanema which I recorded while practising for my grandfather’s 80th birthday bash.
In this recording, the guy’s part is sung by me (because my cousin wasn’t around during the recording session) but I added reverb to distinguish the two parts.
Lastly, in the words of William Hung, “I have no professional training.” I’d like to make my pitch more accurate, widen my vocal range and learn vibrato properly.


  1. Kevin

    Whenever you’re ready, there’s a recording contract with your name on it! Seriously, you should take your killer voice with you and compete on

  2. Mauro

    I got many versions of this song, and I loved this one. Perfect!!! I´d Like to know how do I get it?

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