I’m on PenguinRemixed!

I submitted a track to PenguinRemixed competition and left it at that for a week or more. I just checked the site and amazingly, found that I wasn’t at the bottom of the charts but somewhere closer to the middle.
That's me! (If you can't view this image, your browser isn't enabled to view PNG files. Get Firefox or something!
I don’t expect to get into the coveted top 10, and don’t qualify anyway since I’m no longer a UK resident (although I was planning to go back at the end of the year). Let’s just call it a curious experiment to gauge the popularity of my music.
To recap, we have to take soundbytes from Penguin audiobooks and remix them with original music – no samples allowed.
I was pretty lazy and did minimal voice editing, unlike some other participants. You can listen directly to my track here.
ps. You can also vote for any of the partipants, but in the final tally, only votes from the UK count.