The Purpose-Driven Life saves lives!

Something prompted me to visit the Zondervan website for the first time. Then I saw some pretty amazing news which I absolutely have to share here.

Last month, a woman was taken hostage by a man who had overpowered the authorities, killed a few people in an Atlanta courtroom and escaped. To quote the website:

“I asked him if I could read,” Smith, 26, said in recounting the ordeal to reporters outside her attorney’s office March 13. “He said, ‘What do you want to read?’

“‘Well, I have a book in my room.’ So I went and got it. I got my Bible, and I got a book called The Purpose-Driven Life. I turned it to the chapter that I was on that day. It was chapter 33. And I started to read the first paragraph of it. After I read it, he said, ‘Stop. Will you read it again?’….

You can read the rest of the story here.


  1. James

    It is a good book. Simple but clear presentation of the gospel message. Rick Warren started a movement in North America. My church used it for the 40 day of Purpose. The response has been good. Have you read he book? I highly recommend it.

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