A thought for safety

It was raining again, for most of yesterday. And I neglected to buy enough parking coupons to last me the whole day at work – only until lunch time. I picked up some new coupons near the office, but as the rain was still going strong I decided not to brave it back up the hill to the car park.
I kept on wondering when would be a good time to go back to the car, because the rain wasn’t subsiding. I decided to do it later. Lunch time was nearing – I’d have enough time to walk to the car.
After a quick bite, I took my umbrella and walked back to the car park. And was I glad I hadn’t left any earlier. Big branches, as thick as my arm, had fallen off two trees and had smashed into pieces, on the exact path I’d have taken to the car park.
I shuddered to think of what might have happened to me, had I left earlier. Thank God for that!


  1. Bel

    Thank God indeed!
    My mum had a similar experience. She was walking in the Gardens with a colleague after a storm one evening, when something told them to get the hell out quickly. Seconds after they had started running, a massive tree fell down behind them.

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