Thank you, God

Those who’ve seen me on MSN lately should know what’s been on my lips – Thank you God.
He lifted me out of the darkness over two years ago and gently guided me back to what I like doing best.
He put me with the right people. He made me wait, to learn patience. Sometimes we have to start something new and live with uncertainty, not knowing if we have done the right thing.
Well I hope some of us can breathe easier time now, what with the directions set a week ago. Things are definitely moving the right way.
New visitors are reading about me and looking at my posts on God. Maybe that is part of His plan. Whatever I am, He has made me. Whatever I have, He has given me. I cannot thank Him enough for that.


  1. Serena Tan

    Dear Vanessa
    We met at my maternal grandma’s wake back in Feb. I’m Sean/Sheryl/Stacey’s cousin from the other side of the family 🙂
    I’ve just read your posts on God and feel so thankful at the way He has led you back into His fold. It takes guts to share your faith and your struggles so openly and I pray many will be blessed by your blog.
    Cheers, Serena

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