Baptisms and Light

Today, two friends were baptised in church. They were the couple who met at our Bible Study session, where I felt the “This is it!” sensation from the Holy Spirit.
Over a year has passed since then, and they’re planning to get married already. This morning I was very happy to share in this joyous moment with them as their sponsor (not that I did anything much).
Occasionally, especially in the earlier stages of their courtship, I could sense there was a light shining between them. I have never actually ‘seen’ it but I can feel it. It is difficult to express this in words. I’ve tried to recapture this in visual format every time I take photos of them – especially if they’re outdoors and there’s a bright ray of sunlight passing between them. I haven’t quite done it yet.
Maybe these moments are special and private and don’t really need anything else done to them, because I know God’s blessing is upon them.


  1. Queenie

    That’s really wonderful…may God bless the lovely couple. So maybe can you tell if there is a light shining too if I present to you the special guy I have in mind? Just kidding.
    Praise God, He is faithful and loving.

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