Work as an Idol

‘Started playing around with eBible again as I’ve got some Christianity Explored homework to do. They have some useful resources. As I can’t link directly to the search results page, here’s a meaningful extract on the topic of Addiction:

Just as the Israelites worshiped the work of their hands (Jeremiah 10:3–4, 8–9), don’t many of us today worship the work of our hands? Haven’t the process and product of our careers become virtual gods for some of us? In fact, hasn’t work become an addiction for many, the controlling center and defining identity of their lives?
Moreover, work is an especially respectable idol in our society. A person can sacrifice everything else—family, friends, even personal health—on the altar of work, and actually be praised for it, actually be rewarded for showing commitment, determination, and the “right stuff.”
That is a profound tragedy. Work was intended by God to be a wonderful means of serving Him. He Himself is a worker, and He has created us in His image to be His coworkers. But work was never meant to become an end in itself, and certainly not an idol. Likewise, our work may express who we are, but it was never meant to become who we are.

Despite having a hectic schedule, I make it a point not to work on the Sabbath but to spend time with loved ones. I pray we can all do the same each weekend.