My Straits Times photo’s for sale

Thanks to [Nick Pan]( for finding [this photo of me]( on the new Singapore search engine, [](
The photo was taken for my 2006 Straits Times political desk interview as part of the Gahmen Bloggers feature.
The photographer was at my place, and I recall telling him as I sat at my piano, “I work for HPB. Don’t make me look fat!” 😛
He took many, many photos before he was satisfied. (Hmm)
He let me see the photos, which I thought were decent, but wouldn’t let me download them.
Now I know why. A full-sized pic of me costs S$100! But that’s very clever. Imagine this business model – taking lovely shots of people featured in the papers and allowing them to buy them back for a premium.
We’re egotistical, and how often do we get our photos in the papers (unless we’re famous politicians, businesspeople, artistes etc)?
Now if SPH completes the loop, this is what could happen…
> Interviewee: Can you send me the photos you took of me?
> Photographer: Sorry we can’t, company policy. But… (whips out card) after the article’s out, you can purchase your own photo at or!