Status of application

Woo-hoo! I just received a reply email from USC, acknowledging receipt of my application package. Of course that doesn’t assure me of a place as yet, but at least I can put the matter to rest.
You see, this is what’s been happening at home for the past month:
Two days after sending my packages via UPS
Mum: So have you heard from USC yet?
Me: Muum, I only just sent the applications off … they should be receiving it today.
[exit Mum. Enter sister Vicki]
Vicki: Jie, any news from USC?
Me: No, I only just sent the forms a couple days ago. They can’t possibly have sent me an acknowledgement so quickly!
Every week thereafter
Mum: Eh it’s been some time already…
Me (slightly irritated): I’m SURE they’ve received it / The office is on Christmas vacation. I got an autoresponder when I emailed them / They’ve extended the deadline and they’re probably flooded with applications / (Aaargh!)
They’ve been awfully sweet about this, I know. Eventually I did get a little concerned about the forms after a month had gone by. At least everything’s out of my hands now.


  1. puppi

    now that you don’t have to worry whether they got it, you can concentrate on thinking positive! just imagine, by this time next year you could be in USC! go girl…

  2. vantan

    Heh… To make things funnier, my mother (who is at home with a sore throat, and supposed to be resting) just called, confessing that she noticed a letter from USC in the mailbox, and was so excited for me that she tore it open!
    She then read out its entire contents in a very hoarse voice. It basically said that the package was received, and I’d be notified if anything’s incomplete.
    I’m amused đŸ˜€

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