The number four

Four gigs. VanPod has just crossed the 1,000 song barrier with just over 4 gigabytes (3 continuous days) of music, and heaps more CDs to go. [Which goes to say that, cute as it may be, the baby iPod isn’t enough for me.]
The album I was ripping was Mavi Muzik, a compilation of chillout music, mostly by Turkish and other middle-Eastern artistes. Mavi is to the Turkish, what Levi’s is to Americans.
Multiple fours. Today, I visited two friends at their home. ‘Nothing much to it, unless you see it in numbers: 04/04/04 at #04-40!


  1. Varian

    *whine* I rip at 320 and normal (not joint) stereo. Files are approx. 10+MB apiece and hence vPod fills up vQuickly. Not good. But i’m just not an mp3 person. Guess i should’ve gone for the 40GB. (Got the 20GB baby sister.)

  2. Serdar Kilic

    Hey Vantan 🙂
    Do ya have a link to Mavi Music, like at amazon or something?

  3. vantan

    Hi Serdar. The album didn’t have a website, but CDDB had the album’s track listing. I didn’t buy it online but at a Mavi shop in Istanbul 🙂
    The Mavi website seems to have had a page on Mavi Muzik but now it can only be found in the Google cache. And it’s all in Turkish.

  4. Serdar Kilic

    Thanks Vanessa, I’ve sent them an email in the hope that maybe they’ve still got some CDs lyeing around.

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