Today I…

  1. Enjoyed one of the best worship sessions at church. I wish every week could be like that.
  2. Got to feed the new koi (fish) in our pond. I hear they can eat out of your hand, too. Maybe I should wait for our murky algae-infested waters to clear up a little first.
  3. Got distracted during my investigation of FTP programs which some of you recommended in an earlier post, and ended up downloading BackLight 2, a gimmicky tool which displays your screensaver in the background. Wallpaper that moves.
  4. Took part in my first band rehearsal. It also happens to be my first long-term band, if all goes well. Currently we’re playing a mix of jazz, pop and worship music. One drummer, one bassist, two keyboards (me playing the main keyboards and someone else playing strings, synths and other effects), two vocalists (male and female). We’re looking for a lead guitarist. We play at a studio in Woodlands the last Sunday of each month. Any takers or recommendations?


  1. deb

    Coolness! I can’t play the guitar, but can I be the audience? I offer my services free of charge. 😉

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