Checked in

Checked into the DoubleTree Hotel Austin in the early evening. It’s one of the older hotels, as I had heard, but thankfully it’s been recently renovated and my non-smoking room is clean and well-furnished.

After I left my bags in the room, I had dinner with Mark and talked football (Premier League, Champions League, World Cup) and geeky things. We ate at Hut’s, possibly the most famous burger joint in Austin. The burgers lived up to their reputation. We each ordered a diet Coke and they gave us two huge glasses, about 0.75 litres each. And refills were free. I couldn’t finish my glass.

More office work coming in, and more photos to upload. Ta ta for now!

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  1. ralph

    Thanks for the recommendation of Hut’s. I walked down there during the lunch break yesterday. Excellent burger, and yes, freaking huge diet soda. I’m a sucker for divey burger joints that have been around since before World War II.
    Casino el Camino sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll have to follow David’s recommendation and try that today or tomorrow. Looks like it would be a much shorter walk….

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