Upgrading MT

Upgrading to MT3.15 now, for security improvements. Hope there won’t be any hiccups.
[Phew, it’s upgraded. Had trouble with Fetch FTP for OS X. It hung/timed out in mid-transfer quite a few times, causing me to abort transmission and then go through each MT sub-folder to see where I last left off. Then I tried posting a new entry, only to find there was a missing file – one of those I missed out during the aborted transfers.
Can anyone recommend a better FTP program for Mac? Should I switch back to Transmit? ]


  1. Jasmeet

    Yeah, go back to Transmit. I played withtheir version 3 at MacWorld, and it’s going to be a sweet update.
    I’ve been pretty happy with 2 though. But seeing 3 makes me want it now

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