Chance encounters of the familiar kind

This morning, I sent my car for servicing. After dropping it off, I gave Queenie a call in case she was still at home, since I was in the area. We shared a cab, and made it to work early enough to have breakfast together.
After that, it was work work work, it’s been picking up lately and I hope I’ll still have time to breathe by the end of the week.
I nearly had the honour of going for a meeting on Friday at 10am, and another meeting at 11am. I was actually needed! It felt so good. However we decided that I didn’t really have pressing questions to answer for one of the sessions, so I’ll sit out for that one.
After work, Denyse kindly fetched me from the office and we went back to – you guessed it – John 3:16. Denyse fiddled around with a few tripods. She nearly bought a tiny stand that was amazingly extensible yet fragile, like a radio antenna. It wasn’t too stable, we felt, and it certainly wasn’t worth risking her SLR camera on it. She settled for a sturdier, more run-of-the-mill tripod.
I inquired of a lens adapter (this is the umpteenth time I’ve mentioned it I think) for my Olympus C5050 digital camera. Now, the Olympus Service Centre told me that the CLA1 adapter was going for S$36 or thereabouts. A specialist camera shop in town quoted me $42. I’m glad I looked around a little longer because John 3:16 quoted me $35. I bought a Vitacon 0.5 wide angle lens for $130 and got the stepping ring thrown in for free. I’m glad I’m now a regular customer 🙂
[ Note: individual deals and discounts may vary! ]
In the middle of my discussions with Lesley and Denyse, I suddenly noticed Benjamin (a junior from ACJC) and Jeremy (friend of May and Queenie) standing behind me. They were both wearing white shirts and dark-coloured pants, so I thought they had both returned from some a capella church choir practice or something. In fact, they didn’t even know each other, and Denyse didn’t know either of them, so I made some introductions.
The boys were there for very clever reasons. Jeremy, a photography whiz, was collecting some photos they developed for him (I didn’t know they provided this service!). Ben actually ordered a photo printer through them.
The shop was getting pretty crowded for a weekday evening, and the four of us were standing around, waving our ATM cards and cash about but not getting any attention because more new customers were being served.
“What is this!” I said. “People here are almost shoving money at you guys, and it isn’t even a strip club!”
Finally we settled our bills, and Ben and I shared a cab. I got off at the service centre to collect my car.
Coming to think of it, today I didn’t drive to work, but all my transport was provided for. I met up with friends from three different stages of my life and actually spent time catching up with all of them. It’s unimaginable; it really is a blessing.
Now I turn to a new problem. Karen Seow has asked each of her guests to wear something pink to her birthday dinner this Friday. I have nothing pink to wear (at least, nothing that is visible to the public eye). If I don’t turn up wearing anything pink, the birthday girl will punish me by making me do unmentionable things that will probably haunt me on my wedding day.
Question: What should I do?
Bigger question: What if I like being punished?


  1. stef

    That’s a great place for photography supplies, my dad used to go by to pick up all sorts of odds and ends for his camera. Glad you found it!
    Also, about wearing some pink panties 🙂 and let karen take a peek at them? Just a thought!

  2. Queenie

    Pink lipstick..Ribbon in support of breast cancer.. Pink diamonds.. Pink nail polish..butt seriously…pink bra. (Flash a strap!!)
    P.s. I be worried if u have pink panties…(ok, prob a casualty of uni laundry days…)

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