Giving thanks to those who matter

I learnt the outcome of my appraisal, this evening. It wasn’t too bad, rather encouraging in fact. From the sound of it, they’re going to keep me! I take appraisals and confirmations very seriously. I think it helps that I do like my job and try to pick things up as quickly as possible.
And of course, when things do go well we want to share it with those closest to us. So as I walked towards my car, I said a quick ‘Thank You’ to the big guy in the sky, and took my family out for dinner tonight.
For they’re the ones who lift me up when I’m down, too.


  1. js

    Hi Van,
    Happy to learn u got a good appraisal. things r looking up for u. hope u r enjoying ur work too n dat everything turns out well. take care

  2. Bec

    Good news indeed. 🙂
    Alls well that ends well. Err….maybe I shouldn’t have typed all that stuff about your boss! Ack!

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