Tonight I’m working on my application essay to Comm School and have realised how ignorant I am of everything except the Internet – and I’m not even an expert in that. I have to describe what I find most interesting about the theories, philosophies and research areas in communication, and am falling into my usual trap of not exactly answering the question (Draft #1 has since been scrapped).
Another bad habit of mine is spending too much time doing research for an answer that may only need to be written simply (Draft #2 currently in production). I guess I don’t want to screw up my essay, especially since my university transcripts are nothing to shout about (except in pain and anguish).
In the meantime, I’m waiting for a reply to some other queries about applications. Hopefully by November I’ll be able to make my submission. So far, there’s only ONE school whose syllabus I really like, and my mind is already filled with possibilities for the future. What will an MA enable me to do, better than what I’m doing now?