Well, the e-filing saga has ended (so I hope) thanks to a few telephone conversations with the Income Tax folks. I produced my print records, and they waived the fee. Hallelujah! Thanks anyhow to the kind souls who offered their help.
My plight was reported to a senior IRAS official, who happens to be a friend of a friend. I might be having lunch with him after Chinese New Year – he’d like to hear how the system can be improved. Which is great. Any system, no matter how revolutionary, can always be fine-tuned in the years ahead. Users’ habits and demographics will change, so there is no one perfect system which will always stand the test of time.
The other thing I might be working on (time permitting) is my department’s intranet home page. Not only was I excited when our Deputy Director (a pleasant lady) told me I was selected to do the revamp – I found out I was going to work with her counterpart from Marketing, who is my favourite boss of the month for simply being so clear in her directions and kind with her words. The sort that gets you on a high because you suddenly see your goals materialise in front of you, and you work not because you’re forced to, but because you want to.
Oh well, enough gushing from me. It’s time to catch the remaining minutes of the Wolverhamption Wanderers v Manchester United humiliation (I loved the Straits Times’ headline: ‘Dunces with Wolves’).


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