Words of appreciation

The past couple of weeks have been emotionally moving for me. No, nothing tragic happened. Just a few words of appreciation from people which I didn’t expect, and they’ve made all the difference for me.
I felt I was never very close to one of the couples in my old Bible study group, so when I joined them for a last-minute dinner at their place I was touched that the wife said she missed me. I also felt a little pang when her younger son gave me a goodnight hug, because then I realised I missed them too.
A colleague emailed to say she was glad she had the chance to know me better. In fact, I never expected our paths to cross, but now I’m glad they did. I think we’ve learnt a lot from each other in the space of a few months. Such is God’s plan, we were saying.
Yesterday, another colleague who leads the company choir, wrote in to thank me for being their pianist, because without one the choir couldn’t get started again.
In both cases, I was moved even more because I felt I was just doing my job, nothing special. In fact I was hoping that I hadn’t scared anyone off with my irritability! Usually, last-minute changes and a lack of communication annoy me to no end. Sometimes I wonder what I look like when I sit at my desk, scowling and hammering away at my keyboard. Very unladylike, I’m sure.
But anyway, the accumulation of these recent events has made me a little teary-eyed tonight. Thank you, sweeties, for making my day.


  1. andy

    I knew your site by searching for Singaporean bloggers on Google. And your post reminds of the parties I had with some Singaporean christians back in May. I went to Singapore in July last year and came back to Shanghai in early May this year. I have finished my diploma program at NIE. I miss things and people there and I definitely will go there again to see my Singaporean friends.

  2. whistlewind

    Amen. That’s the preciousness of what we Christians call ‘fellowship in the Lord’.

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