Closest Thing To Heaven

Check out the new single from Tears For Fears (Real/Windows Media).
It might not be a mind-blowing smash hit, but it is quite easy on the ear. The pace and rhythm are very much like Sowing the Seeds of Love, down to the ‘air drum’ effects and hand clapping. I don’t quite like the repetitive piano chord progressions but maybe I’ll get used to it.
The chorus line is happy and catchy. Roland sings and hoots like the New Radicals lead. The terse strings give the ‘high heaven’ effect, which is a nice touch.
Overall, it is a mature effort. I imagine that Roland wrote the verses (melodic, minor) and Curt wrote the chorus (carefree, major). If you listened to their individual efforts you might know what I mean.


  1. paul

    After waiting so long for another TFF song, It turns out to be what could have been a hidden track on the ‘Raul’ album. But It’s great to see them back and even though this will defo be their last album (Can’t compete with the pop idol drivel) at least it takes me back to my youth. Tour on the way???

  2. Darren

    At last!!
    CTTH could almost be directly related to the Seeds album. Melodic in a strange sort of way – unlike some of Rolands solo efforts of late. Nice to have Curt back and instantly recogniseable. Hope the new album (Everybody Loves A Happy Ending) is as good as the first single. After searching the web, news is that TFF will tour later this year.
    Dazzler. UK.

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