The big move #1

I’m ill. With a runny nose, slight cough, headache and a fever that just went away. It’s a feeling I’m not used to, seeing how I’ve only taken medical leave once in two working years. To make things worse, I spent the whole morning and afternoon moving house. The amount of junk we have is astounding. I mean, if you took away half the things in my room, I wouldn’t notice the difference (unless you took away my computer. We’re subliminally connected, you know).
When it boils down to essentials, all I really need at home is something to sleep on, something to brush my teeth with, soap, a towel, comb and clean clothes.
On that premise, I threw away most of my greeting cards and other memorabilia accumulated since I was in primary school. Friendships, as a close friend advised me, stay in the heart and not on pieces of paper. I did however keep a few letters that dealt with key issues in my life over the years.
What delighted me, however, was the re-discovery of many creative works (sketches, cartoons, poetry, short stories, plays and songs) and a few books which I thought I had lost for good. So, to make packing a little more enjoyable, I designated a ‘creative box’ in which all my works are now residing. When things settle down, I will run through my works and perhaps put up a little showcase on this site, so watch this space.
In the meantime, I’m exhausted. I’m going to rest for a while. Goodnight.


  1. goldfish

    yikes… get well soon babe *hugs* vitamin c, vitamin c…
    gosh i still have a boxfull of stuff… its gathering dust, but i can’t pluck up the *pulls a face* you-know-whatever-it-is-i-can’t-articulate to dump the stuff
    possessed by possessions..

  2. joan

    Hope you’re feeling better now Van!
    And yeah, i know what u mean by all the stuff we accumulate over the years. I did this major spring cleaning too before i left for Sydney in Feb. Threw out so many things. Spring cleaning’s something that has to be undertaken every 6 months i reckon.

  3. vantan

    I’m feeling better today, thanks. 9+ hours of sleep and a hot shower seems to have done the trick.
    Goldfish – What on earth were you doing at 4am, young lady? Frolicking with white tigers? 😛
    Joan – I know… I just think we’re too sentimental about throwing things away. It’s only in times of panic (like this) that I start to get merciless!

  4. goldfish

    hmph. i should be asking you what you were doing, being up at 10:11 am. not even PM! should be in bed. tsk tsk.
    its essay season… groan…
    yeah you sleep more. no sars for you. behave now.

  5. a l

    good to know you’re feeling better!
    but i do understand the sentimentality attached to things – i have stuff from primary school as well which i figure i’ll probably junk when i move house. (which is not in the near future).

  6. otterman

    Amazing! How did you manage to throw out everything. It took me 10 years before I threw away university notes but I went through it all for the last time before the deed. The one-liner cards were easily dumped but other letters and cards were kept like little treasures, more so now with everyone on email. Nice blog, btw.

  7. otterman

    Nice blog.
    Stuffiness from all that dust you raised; it’ll leave, lucky, healthy you.
    Amazing how you abandoned the physical for the mental. Letters and touching cards I just had to keep. Lecture notes I threw out after a decade!

  8. Van Heng

    Hey, hope you’re feeling better. I wanted to tell you how I laughed when you sent me that SMS about that shady present Cheryl and I gave you that year. I still can’t believe it’s around…probably rotting by now!

  9. vantan

    Heh. The, erm, protective coverings were still holding! However, the goodies you girls stuffed inside had decomposed. One turned into black sludge. It was really gross. It’s funny to think of the things I kept for sentimental reasons.

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