The weekend

So many things have happened in the past few days, yet I hadn’t the time to recount them on my blog until now.
On Saturday, I learnt to my delight that I am getting the Korg Triton Extreme as a birthday present (three months to go). That’s absolutely brilliant, or might I say in Ali G-speak, “Wicked!” of my parents. They knew I was going to use my savings to buy it, and since I do put my existing equipment to good use (abuse, actually) they probably felt it was a worthwhile investment.
Earlier that day, I had also recorded a piece which I wrote back in Bristol, on the Clifton Hill House piano, for my mother who requested a CD of it for her birthday (which was on Sunday). Yes, the person who inspired the song also qualifies for a copy which can be collected upon return to Singapore 😉
We missed the big match as we had dinner at Blu, but as expected Arsenal beat Chelsea again. I was also glad to hear that Smithy scored one for Leeds – best of all against the Red Devils.
Today I got to test pianos and electronic keyboards during lunch time. It was fun, I didn’t want to leave! This is the third time I’ve been willingly dragged along by people to test keyboards before they made a purchase. Anyway this time the instrument will be used to play worship music – all the glory to God.


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