Fare thee wells

I attended a couple of farewell dinners for Mark and Kristen this week (yes, I really love the couple, can’t bear to be without them, yadda yadda). And this evening I finally got to meet Andrea. I first discovered her blog via an online directory, then noticed her site had photos of this couple I met at the Alpha course at St George’s. That’s how I discovered Kristen’s blog. It’s a small world, isn’t it?
Anyway, we took lots of photos. The following were all taken with my handy Nokia 6600. Hubba, hubba, tell me they’re good.

Kristen at Ricky's place.
Me and Mark.
Me and Mark, at Olio Dome.
Many mannequins in compromising positions.
While still at Suntec City, we spied something naughty.
Here’s a pic of Andrea taking pics.


  1. Teafor2

    yeah…nice buns…erm, oh, pics, I mean. that nokia pic thingie is working fine and good! looks like the sale sold out already eh? 🙂

  2. a l

    must say the nokia 6600 takes better quality pics than my sony T610! (what’s the resolution btw?)
    shame about missing dinner with you guys!

  3. kristen

    the pics came out well! it seems like an excellent little phone. i wonder if it is available in the us of a?!
    thanks again for dinner. it was lovely to spend a bit of time with you before we disappear off.
    hope the philippines trip is fun! looking forward to seeing some pictures once you’re back.

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