Just round the corner

I’ve been away from the Blogosphere for so long that I didn’t even realise Zeldman redesigned. I like it!
I’m also toying with the idea of tabbing for my next redesign (which is not going to happen in a long, long time but I still like to think about it). A tip from me: I don’t like the way Photoshop renders rounded rectangular shapes. The corners are pixelated, last I checked (version 6 or 7). Instead, I much prefer Fireworks for designing user interface elements. Try drawing a rounded box in Fireworks and you’ll see how pretty anti-aliasing can be.
Unless you’re going for the pixelated, k10k look šŸ˜‰


  1. jcwinnie

    I think that you would appreciate the clean design of the iCite net development blog http://icite.net/blog/ Although it uses something other than Movable Type, the iCite net development blog could serve as a model for tabbing in your next redesign.
    Speaking of redesigns, I really like the illustrations and use of descriptions for categories. Is that something that, with attribution, you are willing to share?
    P.S. I found your weblog by following a trackback (XML for Categories Tracked: October 06, 2003) from the girlie matters (generate “RSS feeds by category” posted on May 02, 2003). So, as you can see, I am wayyyyyy behind the avant garde.

  2. vantan

    Hi Jon. I tried accessing the site you mentioned but encountered a Java problem in both Firebird and IE. I’ll contact you about the rest of your queries šŸ™‚

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