Just a little update about Mint. I decided I was OK with the licence and purchased a copy for my site. (Textism’s Refer has been rendered 99.9% useless due to referrer spam which I’ve given up trying to block manually.)
However, after setting up the database, username and configuring the appropriate file, then uploading all files in the correct modes, all I got was a blank page. A lemon. A different sort of tingling sensation in my mouth that I wasn’t expecting.
Fortunately, some other Mint users also have the same, or similar, problems. I’ve run the server compatibility suite, which replaces the single PHP file previously used to indicate if our servers could run Mint. The more comprehensive suite got my mySQL version wrong, though it did confirm that my database was set up properly.
Anyway, Mint users were asked to post their server config details in the Forum. Hopefully this information will help Shaun pinpoint exactly why some installations aren’t working the way they should. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shaun’s work and I’m sure he’ll fix the problem soon.
This is just a friendly warning that, even with some tweaks to Mint 1.0 (at present it’s 1.07) it may not be hunky dory for everybody. At least, not just yet.
This is my second post about Mint. Read the first post.