Upgrading to Win 2000

After giving the issue some thought, I have decided to upgrade my system from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 Professional.
As an ardent multitasker, I’ve found it disconcerting that every time I want to open a new program, I have to decide which existing programs can be closed first. I have loads of RAM, but it isn’t going anywhere!
I was told that XP Pro and Win 2000 Pro were very comparable in terms of performance, and of course, XP is the newer technology. However, a friend who builds computers and runs both systems, tells me that Win 2000 has crashed fewer times than XP.
And visually, XP looks like somebody tried to emulate Mac OS X and didn’t quite get it right. Win 2000’s interface is cleaner, and I am very familiar with it at work.
The next thing I had to do, was to contact my company’s trusty ol’ software vendor, since we already knew each other (I don’t believe in installing pirated operating systems). Fortunately they had one last licence for a full installation, going at half the price. And they’re going to deliver it to my office! Can’t wait.
In the meantime, there will be a massive file backup in progress. Any last words? Speak now, or forever hold your peace!


  1. Serdar Kilic

    The only time I’ve had XP crash on me was installing fonts, around 1,000 of them. Workaround was to to dump the fonts in a small chunks to the fonts folder.
    btw, you can turn off the themeing so XP just looks like W2K 🙂

  2. Chnrxn

    This article explains the issue Windows 98 has with large amounts of memory.
    Last I checked, Win2K does not properly support ATA100, so if you have new hard disk and motherboard, you might have to do some more work.
    BTW, I only had XP crash on me due to hardware or driver errors, not ever due to the instability of the OS. But Win2K is a good choice considering that it is less of a space hog.

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