Bah, humbug

This is the most un-Christmas Christmas I’ve ever had.
We don’t have a tree – we have no space, and I do not count a 1-foot high fir cutting placed in a pot, as a tree.
I didn’t send out a single card this year.
I am not going to do anything fancy with this site for Christmas, because I haven’t had time.
I just spent 2 hours – after attending the midnight church service – ironing clothes.
Merry Christmas, anyway.


  1. Maria

    Oh, Vanessa, I’m sorry that your Christmas holiday has been less spectacular than the traditional holiday. However, much of the cheer of Christmas is a state of mind–and it looks like you still have a lot of things to be cheerful and grateful for (although ironing for 2 hours is a bit of a drag).
    Merry Christmas. May your clothes remain unwrinkled.

  2. stef

    Happy Christmas Vanessa, sometimes Christmas is not in the things around us but in our spirit. I am spending Christmas eve alone and Christmas day, we’re driving 14 hours to Texas. So we’ve postponed Christmas till the weekend. 🙂 Hang in there.

  3. vantan

    Merry Christmas to everyone 😛 I do have many things I am still grateful for. It has been a year of miracles and blessings in fact. Perhaps I shouldn’t expect too much of the tangibles – we still have family time together, after all.
    Ben – I saw you at the midnight service. I was sitting further back, on the right.

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