Copyright notice

In the light of recent (and not so recent) events I decided to re-think my Creative Commons licence. The changes will be effective as of this post.
You may now use or modify my work, provided you attribute me as the original author or creator. Previously on this site, no derivative works were allowed. But this is the age of the Internet – many of us are influenced by things which happen around us, and it is natural to build on existing ideas to create new ones. I respect that.
After some thought, I also realised I don’t mind anything happening to my work, as long as I get credit for my initial efforts. I don’t wish to seethe over the fact that people have blatantly copied my stylesheets or images wholesale, saving my pages onto their server or hard drive (and foolishly clicking on a link, thereby allowing me to see their directory path). Naturally I’d like my site to remain as unique as possible, failing which, I’d like to be known as the Person From Whom the Idea First Sprung. Dig?
I would also like to thank the two (2) people who have asked for permission to copy or modify my writings, graphics and code, since 2000. There are more who haven’t. Please respect the effort other people have put into their own works. Good night.


  1. Cheah Chu Yeow

    Hi again.
    I haven’t had time to do up my own comments man image (not to mention not having a graphics program installed). I’ve removed the graphic from my weblog until I figure out how to attribute you in a way that is at once visible yet non-intrusive to readers.
    Sorry about that though – I didn’t realise there was a copyright stating no derivative works before. 😮

  2. redemption in a blog

    Nice comment postbit from

    Fellow Singaporean Vanessa Tan has a nicely designed , totally deserving of being nominated for Best Designed Blog at the Asia Weblog Awards 2003. One of the nicest bits is the comment postbit (“postbit” as in “forum postbit” parlance) which…

  3. Cheah Chu Yeow

    I have attributed your work and also drew my own (ugly) comments paper doll icon. The TrackBack ping should show up.
    Thanks again for letting me use your idea! I really like it!

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