The Matrix: Revolutions

Yeah, I just watched it on a super big Imax screen. Are there spoilers ahoy? Oh yes there are, but they’ll be so twisted you won’t know what on earth I’m talking about unless you’ve already watched it. I think. If you want serious discussions, head over to Kottke. The Guardian also has a Matrix shrine and I am sure there are many others about.

After all this talk about Biblical allegories, I find out on another forum that the Wachowski brothers are Buddhist (?). That may not mean much, I mean, who’s stopping them from exploring another religion – or so we think it is! But then, in this final movie, Neo meets an Indian family (all programs, of course) and the father talks about Karma. But that’s it. Perhaps I am clutching at straws. Wait, there is a death and a hope of resurrection, isn’t there?
Still, I find that Revolutions has less imagery than its predecessors, and tonnes more action. And I mean, heaps.
Other random thoughts, garbled as my mind is:

  • You would realise that Neo was caught in a loop – a train of thought? That was a neat idea.
  • Zee Frenchman’z aksent vas vehry vehry eerritateeng. I vas hoping Treeneetee vould bloo his vucking brrainz out.
  • And what’s with the S&M gear? Shirts with false nipples are SO unbecoming. They deserved an ass whipping, and got one!
  • So the machine’s actually a giant, talking pincushion.
  • And let’s say the Dock really got screwed.
  • Has anyone played Mechwarriors before? Know what I mean?
  • And who on earth designed the DroidsAPUs? With all that heavy firepower, why isn’t the ‘pilot’ shielded?
  • Naturally, the 16 year old boy does NOT let the commander down. I so expected that to happen. Disappointingly predictable, Hollywood style.
  • And who could actually hear the commander shouting with his bare voice? Come on… the machines are all over the place, and the boys at the back can hear you scream for more ammo?
  • Did anyone else think of the Quintessons (from the Transformers series) when Neo reached his final destination? Or probably, way before then? Or would you settle for ‘calamari’?
  • The architect is Colonel Sanders’ evil twin brother.
  • Agent Smith is a bucket of neverending fried chicken.
  • Why do most Hollywood sci-fi action movies have a pigheaded commander who simply does not believe the hero can save the world? Or do we all need a ‘doubting Thomas’ to stir up our fervour for the One?
  • Know your math? When one side of the equation is nullified, the other must go, too.
  • But if the equation is imbalanced, it isn’t an equation any more, isn’t it?
  • The Oracle finally makes some sense. She bakes tasty-looking cookies, too. In other news, I read that the actress playing her, passed away recently.
  • Nice sunset. They need more of that.

Didn’t really need my grey matter on this one. Pity, because that was what I was hoping the finale would be.
*Disclaimer: I didn’t catch most of the first movie, so forgive me if I said anything erroneous.


  1. Jia

    Yeah Matrix Revolutions was a big let-down. The dialogue was just terrible, rivalling good old George Lucas for cheesy lines. And don’t even get me started on the plot. 😛 Sigh…Hollywood wins again.

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