Boeing Boeing 2

For the second time, I caught Wild Rice‘s production of Boeing Boeing. It’s as good as the first time, if you like sexy stewardesses, melodramatics, and catastrophic timing. Also, where on earth do they find such huge Filipina actresses?
I’m sure “It’s not ee-see!”
More details in my first review in 2002.


  1. angeline

    hi, just chanced upon ur website while surfing. guess u’ve watched boeing boeing. any idea e songs they were playing? esp e one before the show started? was a bit catchy n disco-sounding… do drop an email if u noe, i’ve been searching high n low to no avail, thanks.

  2. ric

    nice site. your tales of Christ in your life gave me a lift and a smile at work today. sunshine and swirling eddies.

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