Light shines brighter in the darkness

I nearly spent the last hour wading through pitch darkness – thank God I brought my grandma with me (I feel I was somehow ‘persuaded’ to ask her along, just this time, and boy am I glad I listened to Him) to inspect the house at night, because there was a blackout when the demolition began on the other side. Grandma unpicked the canvas sheets tied over each pillar, then I had to crawl underneath the house to check the fuse box. Later we emptied out melting items in the refridgerator. It was nearly midnight in pitch darkness. There seemed to be nobody in the lone guardhouse in our garden. I was half afraid we might be mistaken as burglars.
In fact, I didn’t own a torch until this evening when I picked one up at the supermarket. Then when I asked Grandma along, she brought another torch too. If not, I’d have been groping about the house in pitch darkness!
Anyway…Why was I going to the house at that time of night? Because I was too darn busy this morning and afternoon and evening with administration and medical checkups. I’m starting my new job today. That’s really all I have to say, and I will tell my friends about it in due time.


  1. Van Heng

    yay, first day at new job! Hope it went well. Can’t believe the week went by so fast, just last Monday we were chatting.

  2. Dan

    Just a quick note to say good luck for the first day at your new job! (or given the time difference between you + UK – hope it went well). Dan

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