Bridal Shower more of a Hen Party

Woo hoo! Just came home from Brenda’s (parents-in-law’s) place at Pasir Panjang. The bridal shower began with some dinner – a mix of roast chicken and sushi – and several bottles of champagne. After they were finished, Brenda claimed she was sloshed but we weren’t too sure about that.
But before we had time to make her drink to another toast, a tall, lean Caucasian man in a black suit strode into the room. And the real fun began! Pity we only had one camera and after two photos, it ran out of film! I had no idea about it until I reached her place, actually, so I plead ignorance…
Tomorrow (oh, it’s now today) is the rehearsal at church, I really have to get my act together starting NOW. I’m going off to the piano for a quick practice session before I sleep. Goodnight!