God’s plan

Many people have been asking me about my future in the working world. I hesitate to give definite answers, because there aren’t any yet. There are possibilities, but I do not wish to speak about them at this point in time.
As a Christian, I believe that God has a plan for each one of us. It may not be clear to us, but it is clear to Him, and what we want may not always come easy. Neither do we always know what is best for ourselves.
For myself, I do not pin my expectations to any sort of job, in any organisation. If I get the position I want, that’s great; if I don’t, well, failures make me a stronger person, and maybe I was meant to find something more suitable for myself – that may, in the big picture of things, also benefit other people.
That’s all for now.


  1. Maria

    Amen, sistah.
    Sometimes all of that is easier said than done, though. I don’t know why it is always so difficult to let go.

  2. Alvin

    Hey Venessa
    I have been wanting to contact you for a long time but couldn’t find the time to do so. Mind emailing me so that I can obtain your email address and ask you some questions?
    Thanks 🙂
    [sorry for this unrelated comment]

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