Praying for a cure

I was checking my personal email this morning and saw a prayer request from my church. We seldom receive such emails but this was for someone that the whole church would know about. Our missionary and Reverend MWM’s wife MH has stage IV cancer and I cannot bear to imagine the intensity of the suffering for them.
As I read the details of her condition, I started to cry. Not exactly from a sense of utter hopelessness because I know it is not this physical world that we should be concerned about, but just from the sense that she and her loved ones must be going through such a trying time at the moment.
Apart from praying for the specific requests all I can say is God’s will be done. Through my relatively short life I’ve seen other good people go (though of course we all fall short of His glory), and while I no longer ask “WHY?” I still feel sad about it.
Hope isn’t lost yet, and either way it is all in God’s plan. But don’t mind me if I look a little subdued today…