Finally, a new Vicar

We’ve been waiting for over a year for a new, full-time Vicar. The day was today.
I was glad to see Rev Philip Sinden in person, because he wasn’t the big burly Australian I imagined him to be, but tall but slender with a most humble demeanor. Even without knowing him, a strong feeling welled up within me to the point that I was actually moved to tears when our acting Vicar introduced him. Then they sang Amazing Love, one of my favourite songs, and John 3:16 was in the Scripture reading.
It all comes at a difficult time. Most of the people I knew in church, who brought me to God, have left. I have contemplated leaving on a number of occasions, but stayed back due to familiarity, proximity, family reasons and the fact that they still need me to provide support for the website and be a backup pianist for the worship team. Also, I have yet to find another church I’m comfortable with.
After the service, I shook hands with the new Vicar and told him I did the current website (which is long due for a revamp, structurally and code wise) and to let me know when he’s ready to make any changes. At work, I no longer design big websites myself, but for God’s work I am prepared to put in my time and skills for this.
Well I hope that good things come out of this new start. Pray…