Down and up

Yours truly has been terribly busy of late, and has to muster up enough brain power to think of something to write every day.
*mutters to self* Come on! You can think of something.
Okay, here goes.
After coming back from IT class (more networking, this time TCP/IP principles), I gulped down some soup that was my dinner, practised some jazz piano, and am now once again using someone else’s computer to post this message, because my darned PC can’t seem to detect my network card. At least that’s what I suspect, because it isn’t showing in my list of hardware.
I haven’t had the time or energy to tamper tinker with my laptop the past couple of days, but I really appreciate everyone’s advice. A good Samaritan may be paying a house call to fix things, so here’s a big thanks in advance to him!
[Update @2.15am: Lord be praised, my connection has finally come back on. I still haven’t figured out exactly why, but I’m not complaining.]


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