Yesterday at the gym, while in the middle of my final stretching exercise, I was almost overcome with pain. My contorted body was screaming at me to stop, but my instructor was mercilessly holding my limbs down.
Suddenly, he shot me a question.
“What is ASP? and .NET?”
My pain subsided a little, as I answered in in gasps: “ASP … is an application … which runs on the Microsoft Windows platform … .NET is a new form of ASP … extension is .aspx as opposed to just .asp … .NET is geared more towards XML, which is the way to go …”
Needless to say, I wasn’t very lucid, and I suspect he became even more confused. He told me he was learning how to use Dreamweaver, but that version MX looked rather complicated. I advised him to pick up some basic HTML before he tried to move on to application servers, or else he’d really be lost.
I think my new job title’s going to be pretty interesting. I have to learn how to teach people, which means I really have to know my subject matter well, and express concepts clearly.
So the thought struck me: why not compile all the questions that people have been asking me over the years, onto my site?
Watch this space in the weeks to come.