Resend, please

I have just realised that people have been sending me emails via my old Contact page, which haven’t been received. This was because the email address in my form got overloaded with spam and strange business correspondences from people who seem to have got my domain(s) mixed up with other people’s. So I terminated that account and redirected/replaced my old address with a new one.
At least, I thought I did. Seems the messages sent subsequently by some of you didn’t get through – and soon after that I closed down the site for a revamp.
Now, I am terribly paranoid about getting emails from Nigerian generals and the like, which is why I don’t like displaying my email address publicly (and why I’ve just removed recent comments displaying the old email address in this post).
Fortunately I have a catch-all email account, which I’ve just checked. It tells me that I have eighty bounced emails (most of which look like spam). However there are also technical queries from some of you which I have to answer.
So to Kok Hong, Alvin and Serdar, I will respond to your emails which you sent me, before the revamp. A thousand apologies!


  1. Jaime

    Hi Vivian
    I have tried to use your contact form 3 times but it stated that the webmaster has disabled the script? So in the end I posted here hoping to get you. Hope you do not mind.
    Am glad that I found another fellow Singaporean who is interested in Accessibility amn Standards.
    I am hoping to increase awareness in among web developers in Singapore but so far it has been difficult. People just aren’t interested and am wondering if I am the weird one. By having more web developer/designer to go into it, we will be able to help each other out and improve.
    Do let me know what you think and if you are interested to work together to help getting more people to start a local interest group and have them to join WSG. You will be able to find out more from my website. Just got it set up not too long ago.
    PS: If you were to contact me, please use the contact form from my site. The email I stated here is just for general purposes.

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