The Missing Bodies

My internet connection in my PC went down unexpectedly on Saturday and has remained down ever since. I have unplugged and re-plugged my ethernet cable umpteen times, checked for faulty hardware, checked my network / configuration… all to no avail.
Naturally, this is the time when I have to apply for all sorts of things online, and have to use someone else’s computer to do everything.
Anyway, yesterday evening, I and a couple of Bible Study classmates watched a play at Church of Our Saviour called ‘The Case of the Missing Bodies’ which essentially investigates the amazing escape of Simon Peter from prison (Acts 12:7-19).
We turned up to support Bruno, who played his role as a demented knife-wielding chef rather well. The scriptwriting was excellent, and the lead character, ‘Sam’ the private eye had just the right sort of drawl. Dick Tracy and LA Confidential came to mind.
I was tickled by lines like, “My head was hurtin’… like Goliath’s” after the detective was beaten up by the evil Pharisee’s (Mafia-style) henchmen. There were lots of other biblical references and a fair share of saucy innuendos, film-noir, 1950’s style. And it had a meaningful ending – discovery of the Truth, and the yearning to know the Lord – just as Jesus would have intended it – without sounding too preachy.
Form-wise, the icing on the cake was the music, a perfect setting for the mood. Oo-oo. Miles Davis, baby. THE father of Cool. The man with the wonderful, muted trumpet. I was amazed at how tastefully everything was planned.
‘Twas truly a good night.


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