On second thought…

My inbuilt thrift-o-meter kicked in, and I decided NOT to buy most of the books on my list this morning.
When I flipped through the web design book, I didn’t think I really needed the new edition. Besides, why buy it for the extra chapter on XML when I could just buy a book on XML, which would be more comprehensive? (I did just that.)
Meanwhile, my sister really, really wanted the Javascript book, but I told her it wouldn’t be of use unless she, erm, learned HTML first? After some deliberation she chose the web design book for herself. She’ll need it when she proposes to revamp her school’s website.
The CSS book wasn’t as advanced as I thought it would be, and I left it back on the shelf. I wanted Moock’s actionscript book but it hadn’t arrived yet. ‘Figures, as the new title was launched on December 19. So I’ll go back some time in January to pick it up.
Fortunately, we managed to collect our goody bags past the promotion date. So we now each have an O’Reilly T-shirt (ooh, uber geekdom!), a badge and a catalogue. The T-shirt will be relegated to the pyjama department, because the designers (and programmers) would probably stone me if they saw me walking in with the word ‘XML’ on my back. Heh.
Folks, if you own a book published by O’Reilly, do register with them online. It’s worth your while.