Online printing service?

Does anyone know of an online service in Singapore where you can email your digital photos to a developer, and get them printed and sent to your address?
So far I’ve learnt that HP and Singnet offer a joint service but it is only available to Singnet users. Pah.


  1. kar

    Hey babes, I can do that for u … heehee have a HP digital printer somewhere ard … Home courier service also available.

  2. vantan

    We have TWO photo printers at home, but it is still more cost-effective to get it printed at a developer’s – especially when in bulk. Thanks for the offer anyway 🙂

  3. a l

    am not sure if these are what you are looking for – but you upload photos to accounts on their websites. – you get to upload a max of 100MB at one go I think.

  4. Kristen

    the kodakexpress service looks OK from the website, but the fuji one seems overpriced. 50c per 4R print, plus S$5 handling? ouch. i think i’m going to try kodak. will let you know how i get on.

  5. vantan

    Thanks a l, that was exactly what I wanted.
    Kristen – good point. If it costs me 50 cents per 4R print plus $5 for delivery, I’d stick to printing my photos at home!

  6. Ally

    I like too, but I’m not sure they deliver. I usually upload to their site and collect from one of their 2 outlets at UOB building or Second Ave (Bukit Timah)Occasionally they have a road show at Caltex house where you can buy a package from them for about 100 4R prints and it works out to cheaper than 50cents per piece. Why don’t you give them a call/email?

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