My long-time music advisor, Sim, came over this afternoon to listen to my latest productions. According to her, some of my jazz compositions sound like Henry Mancini, and my alternative/funk tracks have elements of Fun Lovin’ Criminals. So it looks like I’ll be getting some new albums the next time I visit That CD Shop.

I think I made a mistake when I bought my Korg D1600 hard disk recorder. Sure, it’s a fine piece of machinery but it didn’t suit my needs as well as I thought it should. I wanted a simple device that would hook up to my 16 channels of pre-recorded music from my keyboard, and immediately transfer them to the 16 channels in the hard disk itself. From there, I could easily mix the music and control which effects go with with channel.
As far as I know, however, I still have to go through the very manual process of recording one channel in my keyboard to one channel in the recorder. Repeat that, up to 15 times. Try doing that to twenty songs, and I’ll tear my hair out.
On hindsight, the people who owned and swore by the equipment, were those who played in live bands, so everyone had an instrument plugged into it at the same time. My situation was different *biff myself on the head*
So, I now have a white (well, silver) elephant sitting on my keyboard rack. Hardly used. I haven’t even recorded a single CD on that thing.
Obviously the next step is to upgrade my Mac, install some good software, and hook it up to my keyboard.
Once I computerise my system, I will be able to produce scores, have more control over my arrangements… and I might just finally get that tricky drum n’ bass rhythm loop sorted out.


  1. buttonss

    Hi- stumbled on your page through Jean’s. You write very well- and thanks for mentioning That CD shop as I work near Great World City.. will explore one day.

  2. vantan

    Not yet, Maria ๐Ÿ™‚ … I might put something up later; perhaps create a new music section on my site when I have the time.

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