My band’s MySpace page!

I’ve finally launched my band’s MySpace page. Check it out here! Do add us as a friend.
I tried uploading one of our MP3s but alas, MySpace told me the file size was too big. It could have specified the file sizes upfront, but nooo, it had to make me wait while the file was uploading, before telling me the file was too big. Brilliant usability. It took me ages to figure out how to start a music page, and I learnt that I couldn’t create a second account using the same email address. How troublesome!
Anyway. My band is on a hiatus, namely because my bassist is going to be/is already a father, my other keyboardist is busy teaching, and my drummer is probably working late nights filming. Yup, we’re all too busy. But hopefully when I show them this MySpace page, we will try to get together again in the near future.
If you want to listen to our music, check out our podcast. At least Odeo doesn’t seem to have problems with file uploads.
Keep jumpin’!