Just had a smashing good time at Jazz at South Bridge Road. Surprise surprise, Anne Weerapas was singing. I was telling my friends that she had a CD and Lush 99.5FM was playing her music as well as other local jazz singers’. Just then, she announced her CD was on sale at the club, and if you bought it now, she’d autograph it. So my friend S bought me the CD and I now have Anne’s birthday message to me on it!
There was also a Japanese female jazz pianist, Aya Sekine, who was smashingly good. She could play any style and switch modes, make jibes and rap in a mix of English and Japanese. Very funny.
Anyway, on the second last set, Anne re-joined the band and announced that this song was dedicated to someone … birthday gal, Vanessa! My friends clapped and cheered. They did a funky riff, then proceeded to belt out Somewhere Over the Rainbow, hip-hop rap style. In fact, both Anne and Aya were rapping, and a Japanese member of the audience was shouting in time with the beat, so it was quite funny and entertaining. I asked my friend S if she had asked Anne to sing it for me, but apparently she hadn’t, so that was very sweet – thank you Anne!
Time to sleep … nighty night.
[Forgot to mention that PC and R also gave me a pressie at the club. PC, who is a classical and not a jazz fan, prayed to make the right choice for me, then picked a few CDs, listened to them, and selected a Dave Brubeck CD I didn’t have. First track? Blue Rondo. Ha ha. That’s good, I have to listen more to him so I can understand his playing style. Very good gift. See what you can do with prayer 😉 ]